Content Development

Content Development

Are your content assets delivering superior results?

What is content development or copywriting and why do you need it?

Copywriting is the art and expertise of writing great copy. Copy is also referred to as text or content. Where the web is concerned, copy is King. It is the staple for all of your marketing. The main goal of copywriting is to engage, inform and persuade your target audience. To be successful though, it must be able to grab their attention. You have less than 3 seconds to capture the interest of your reader and to compel them to continue reading.

Your headlines are the key to capturing attention and are at the heart of good copywriting. This is your first and only chance to turn an observer into a reader and a buyer. A single word can impact the decision to buy “right now” or to spend their money with your competition.

Around 80% of people will read a headline, but only 20% of people will read the rest. Quality content is what stands between you and your next sale. High quality content can generate traffic, boost search engine optimization (SEO) ratings, and conversion rates, increase customer loyalty, brand awareness and sales. Excelling in these areas requires high-quality customer-relevant content. You must deliver value to each different audience you want to reach. In order to do this, you must understand each of your different client segments or customer groups.

Who are your customers? What are your client segments? What are their distinct likes and dislikes, tastes and interests? What new trends are interesting to each group?

The needs, desires and behaviors of each segment must be researched and understood. High quality content needs to be developed for each segment. Continuous quality content must also be unique and regularly updated to communicate trends, changes, updates and important industry information. As a result, the audience will see you as an expert who continually offers fresh, relevant, engaging content. This builds trust to not only do business with you, but to refer and share your information.

What We Offer and Deliver

We have a team of content experts who understand your business, your brand, your voice and your audience. We design and create every type of content asset you’ll need to run successful inbound marketing campaigns and convert new customers. We develop a content strategy that yields relevant content that creates

We develop content strategies that attract your buyer, create connection, trust, loyalty and inspires referrals.

SEO Copywriting

Creating search engine optimized content that your targeted buyer is looking for is the first step in attracting new buyers. Rich and relevant content ranks well for your specific search terms (keywords and long tail keyword phrases). We are experts in developing SEO friendly content that ranks high on SERPs and connects and engages audiences with your business.


Blogging is critically important to your online marketing strategy in every way. It is the foundation for your content marketing strategy. Effective blog content will drive traffic to your website, convert that traffic into leads, create and expand brand awareness, position your brand as an industry expert, develop loyal visitor and customer relationships and will result in lead generation growth.

High-quality, relevant content is critical to your inbound marketing (targeted visitors who become leads and leads who become new customers) success.

Unfortunately, most businesses don’t have time to manage an effective blog strategy. Over 60% of current blogs are not updated regularly.

We are experts at creating, managing and maintaining a SEO friendly blog that will establish and reinforce your brand and boost your business.


Newsletters are a great way to strengthen ongoing connections with your customers and regularly inform them about your new products, offers and sales. A well-written newsletter enables you to build trust and credibility with your readers by sharing helpful and informative content. We’ll keep your brand fresh and visible and you’ll be front of mind as your customers’ “go to” solution.


A ghostwriter is simply a content expert who is familiar with your business and your ideal client’s needs.  All content development starts with a strong strategy and is more about informing and providing your targeted visitor exactly what they are looking for – when they are looking for it. When your content is written with your buyer and the buyer’s journey in mind, converting new leads and customers just happens. Creating highly relevant, easy to read content that provides answers and value can be very time-consuming. This requires creative know-how and expertise.

We are experts at writing content your customers will consume.

Creative Writing

Visual design is what attracts visitors to explore your website, but content sells. Content is a form of art. Creative writing engages the client and leaves them satisfied wanting to come back for more.

Product and Service Description

Your product and service description needs to be emotionally compelling and it must succinctly highlight the advantages and the impact the solution will make on behalf of the buyer. In many cases, it should speak to the return on their investment in a way that is relevant to the solution and the buyers’ persona. The description should provide a strong and compelling call them to action. We write powerful solution descriptions that not only compel the buyer to take the desired action, it provokes them to share your solutions with others.


Readers are up to 500 times more likely to read an advertorial than a straight ad. An advertisement in the form of editorial content is a great way to boost your sales. We create informative, engaging editorial stories with just the right amount of promotional messaging.


There is a difference between an article and a blog. An article is generally a formal, concise piece with clear facts and specific details. It is longer than 300 words and has a more sophisticated writing style. Whether you choose a blog or an article depends on your audience, message and strategy.

Press Releases

Do you have news about events, special offerings or business developments and want everyone to hear about it? Our well-optimized press releases capture the attention of news outlets – getting your content distributed to well-established news sites throughout the online community.

Proofreading and Copy Editing

If need your articles or copy edited – send it to us. Another fresh pair of eyes before publication can make a world of difference and save you from a big linguistic mess.

Need unique, bold, top notch copy for your website, blog or brochure? We deliver high quality, search engine optimized (SEO), powerful content that engages your audience and helps your brand get noticed.

Give us a buzz or shoot us an email. We’re happy to help you find the perfect solution.

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