Inbound Marketing Consulting

What is an Inbound Marketing Consultant?

Our inbound marketing consultants provide a variety of consulting, advising and strategy services for different customers. Your inbound consultant works on your company’s behalf to provide objective, data-based recommendations and consultation.

Strategy Development & Advising

Your Inbound Marketing Strategist will conduct a comprehensive or limited-focused Gap Analysis and Strategy Development.

Dedicated Consultant as an Extension to your Team

A dedicated consultant will guide or lead your marketing team in strategy development or simply manage some or all of the implementation and improvements.

Buyer Insight Analyst & Consultant

Provide different types of buyer insight research and recommendations.

Sales & Marketing Alignment Consultant

Organizations that have aligned their sales and marketing teams achieve 20%+ annual revenue growth. Our inbound sales and marketing experts will support you in defining or refining your internal inbound marketing and sales team processes and achieving alignment to ensure your teams are at peak performance.

Training & Advising 

Train and advise your marketing department so that they can produce and manage more effective and profitable campaigns. We’ll design a customized program to meet the needs of your marketing team and goals.

Common Pain Points

Our clients come to us for many reasons. Some of the common reasons we hear are:

  • My website gets little to no traffic
  • I have nearly zero open rates on my emails
  • I’m not getting any qualified leads (or none at all)
  • I have no conversion funnels, campaigns or landing pages from which to create leads
  • My website isn’t ranking well in the search engines… or I’m losing my search engine rankings
  • We can’t seem to develop quality content in a timely method
  • Our blog posts aren’t attracting visitors
  • I don’t have a clue what I need, I just know I need a website that attracts and converts traffic into leads and customers
  • My online marketing isn’t working and we don’t know why
  • I’m not sure my marketing manager fully understands how to create and manage a comprehensive inbound marketing campaign
  • I’m hesitant to do anything because I don’t understand this online world

Knowledge is power. Once we fully understand your need, we’ll partner you with the most effective consultant for your situation and goals.

What Are Value Gaps

Value gaps are essentially areas of opportunity your existing inbound marketing and web solution strategies are not capturing. These are gaps where you are not collecting the value that is possible. For most of our clients, this refers to the new customer opportunities they are not winning.

Value gaps are expensive. If you quantify the exponential cost of your value gaps, you’ll understand why it’s rather urgent to identify and resolve them.

Unless your inbound marketing strategy was developed using the results of a thorough analysis of your company’s online and real-world:

  • Business strategy, growth goals and objectives
  • Strengths
  • Weaknesses
  • Opportunities
  • Threats
  • Industry and market
  • Unique market position
  • Culture
  • Brand perception analysis
  • Client Segments and targeted buyers
  • Current online presence and marketing strategy
  • Existing performance data
  • Marketing opportunities
  • Competitive analysis
  • Quality and effectiveness of the existing search engine optimization plan
  • Buyer Persona research and development
  • Buyer Journey research and creation
  • Content audit and strategy

It is likely you have value gaps in your online marketing initiatives.

Your consultant will conduct thorough research to learn everything possible about your company, its goals, culture and its opportunities. Once the data has been collected, interviews with your leadership team, key staff and buyer insights have been completed, your consultant will present you with value-based strategy recommendations.

How We Do It

Consulting Engagements

Using a proprietary inbound and web solutions performance analysis, we analyze your company’s online and real-world strengths and opportunities. This is a broad summary of our typical approach. Not every client needs every service. We customize every engagement based on the needs and goals of the client.

Strengths & Weaknesses. We Identify your competition’s strengths and weaknesses

Identify Existing or Potential Threats. We conduct a thorough evaluation of potential online and business-related threats that may threaten your success today or in the near future. We then develop strategies to resolve or prevent potential threats.

Diagnostic Evaluation. We’ll complete a thorough evaluation of your existing online efforts and inbound initiatives. We’ll develop a detailed report of what is working well and what is not working. We’ll also begin the process of identifying value gaps and creating best practice recommendations to resolve the gaps, achieve your goals and create new value impact.

Sales and Marketing Alignment and Information Sharing. We will examine your internal marketing and sales processes and systems to identify gaps that may be sabotaging conversions of marketing leads to sales leads and ultimately conversions of sales leads to new customers. This step can be conducted in-person and in some cases, we can perform this evaluation via telephone and video conferences.

Identifying the Inbound Marketing Strategy. With a clear understanding of your company’s goals and a collaborative approach, we begin the process of identifying and refining the inbound marketing strategy that will provide the greatest results for your business’ unique goals and opportunities.

Prioritize and sequence the phases of your strategy for maximum results. If there are budget constraints, we will create a phase-by-phase strategy that your organization can grow into.

Scope of Work. Next, we develop a precision scope of work. With this valuable, data-driven plan you can confidently request proposals for the work you know will result in the success you want. If you have an internal marketing team, we’ll put together a detailed action plan, including Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for your marketing team to implement.

Key Performance Indicators. We identify and help you understand the KPIs, important data and measurable benchmarks your team should be measuring and managing for peak performance

Team Training.  Whether it is in one-to-one meetings or in team clinics, we teach and train your team in all areas where there are knowledge and proficiency gaps. Will help you know what questions to ask, what data to look at and when to look at it. We’ll help you learn how to maximize the relationship and results with your marketing agency. If you have an in-house marketing team, we’ll teach you how to get the most out of your strategy

Maximize Your Agency Partner Results. We’ll help you understand how to best use your agency partner as an extension of your own marketing department.

Maximize Your Relationship and Your ROI. We’ll also teach you how to maximize your agency-partner relationship and how to maximize your ROI.

Quantifying Value Impact and ROI

of Your Consulting Engagement

It is important that your inbound consultant possess the capacity and skill set to quantify the value impact and return on investment of their fee and their recommendations.

An expert consultant should be able to provide with:

  • A comprehensive analysis
  • A comprehensive strategy
  • Milestones
  • KPIs
  • Detailed action plan
  • Onboarding, training and long-term advising
  • A clear and concise quantitative value impact analysis and ROI

Their analysis and recommendations should be based on data and not be speculative. They should possess at the very least an Inbound Marketing Certification and references.

Your consultant should be objective. She is your ally.

You should feel no pressure to use their agency to provide the recommended strategy or scope of work.

However, as a result of an excellent experience and the development of trust and loyalty throughout the consultative process, you may decide you want their agency to perform the work. While that is a pretty normal occurrence, be sure it is because of the trust that has been gained through the relationship and not a requirement.

Engagement Types

Consulting Service Plans

The consulting services each client needs varies depending on their unique circumstances. We have several engagement options ranging from 60 days to annual engagements.

Most of our 60 – 90 Day Consulting Engagements are diagnostic in nature and result in a specific list of deliverables similar to those we’ve mentioned above.

Typical Deliverables:

  • Research results and recommendations from our interviews with
    • Company Leadership Team
    • Customers and Buyer Personas
    • Your Team Members
  • Develop a Marketing Scorecard with KPIs and the timing in which your team should measure and refine your approach for increased results
  •  Deliver a detailed strategy for all the web solutions we evaluated, along with a detailed action plan
  • Detailed Content Strategy, Buyer Personas and Buyer’s Journey
  • Detailed Scope of Work you plan to seek proposals for the recommended initiatives
  • Design concepts for a growth-driven, inbound-ready website design, with home and interior page mockup recommendations, if needed

Our 12-month Consulting Engagements include the diagnostics and research services, inbound marketing services and/or leadership, sales and marketing team advising.

Fully Comprehensive and Scalable

All of our consulting and inbound services are scalable according to your needs. Our services can be designed to be:

  • A comprehensive end-to-end, full-service plan
  • An extension of your marketing department providing consulting or services where you need it most
  • Purchased as stand-alone services
  • Consulting services only

Inbound Marketing Services

Some of Our Inbound Marketing Services

Some of our inbound marketing capabilities include:

  • Inbound Marketing Strategy
  • Conversion-Driven, Brand and User-Experience Design
  • Inbound Website Design and Development
  • Targeted Inbound Marketing Campaigns
  • Marketing Automation and Sales Enablement
  • Search Engine Optimization (White Hat)
  • Social Media Strategy, Implementation and Management
  • Email Marketing and Lead Nurturing
  • Search Engine Marketing, PPC, Retargeting
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Audit
  • Content Strategy and Asset Development
  • Content Marketing
  • Blogging Services
  • Buyer Persona and Buyer’s Journey Development
  • Comprehensive CRM technology
  • Graphics Design
  • Marketing collateral design and development
  • Marketing communications (internal and external)
  • Print design and marketing

Is it possible you have value gaps?

Ready to see if partnering with an inbound marketing consultant produces an ROI worth acting on?

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