Blue Iris Marketing Culture Manifesto

Blue Iris Marketing Culture Manifesto

Company Vision

Embody an attitude and spirit of conscious capitalism.

  1. As a result of every customer meeting, our recommendations and solutions resolve persistent problems.
  2. As the result of every engagement, we help our clients attain previously unreachable levels of goal-aligned success and impressive ROI.
  3. Embrace these four principles:
    • Higher Purpose. From top to bottom, be driven by a higher purpose.
    • Culture Inclusion. Foster a “we” culture as opposed to a “me” culture. Inspire autonomy, not autocracy.
    • Optimize Value. Create and optimize value for stakeholders, employees, customers, suppliers, communities and everything connected in our vast eco-system to create sustainable, resilient businesses.
    • Inspire Consciousness. Champion a unifying engagement based in kindness, love and trust, inspiring sincere and conscious transference of value between all team members and from our people to every customer. While we are strategists at the core, we understand that Culture trumps strategy – every time.

Culture Code

  • Tenaciously pursue our mission in every way.
  • Consistently measure everything.
  • Good is the enemy of great.
  • Strive for excellence in everything. Drive innovation. Question status quo.
  • Value the Client. Problem solve, even if it isn’t related to the product or service.
  • Be transparent. Be honest. Be gracious. Be trustworthy, respectful and authentic.
  • Focus on customer education and outcomes – all else will follow
  • Communicate timely and effectively. Be a team player with keen autonomy abilities.
  • Be maniacal about hiring the right person for the job.
  • Invest in individual mastery and market value.
  • Be passionate and determined.
  • Own the project and the outcomes.
  • Do well, always.
  • Maximize profits without compromising the client, the company, our culture or the client results


Listen, understand and solve our customer’s goals, needs and problems and engage collaboratively and consciously to clarify, quantify, educate and resolve any absence of value. Develop personalized solutions that:

  • Resolve value vacuums
  • Catalyze quantifiable breakthroughs
  • Create or grow scalable, profitable revenue streams
  • Increase shareholder profits
  • Provide sustainable, meaningful improvement, growth and ROI