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August 27, 2020
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August 17, 2019

The Client – Acumence:

Acumence, developed by Flexware Innovation, is built exclusively for high-speed manufacturing processes. It enables manufacturers to achieve operational excellence by finding, assessing, and minimizing production losses. Through real-time views and historical data, it offers users actionable information via customizable dashboards.


The Project:

In 2019, Acumence recruited the marketing strategist Blue Iris Marketing. Acumence was in need of two new websites. Due to the intricacy of the project, it required two phases.

For the first phase, Blue Iris designed and rebuilt the Acumence main website. The customer’s major website’s major purpose was to enhance product messaging, content flow, and lead generation. The previous website was built using HTML, CSS, and JS. As a result, the Acumence personnel was unable to implement necessary changes in a timely manner.

Secondly, phase two required the development of a private customer portal. It would enable Acumence’s industrial customers to access critical documentation. Acumence required a membership site with many membership tiers, each with their own set of permissions, as well as a knowledge base for each product release version. Over 280 technical publications and four membership tiers will eventually be available on the portal.

Blue Iris built the core website and customer portal using WordPress. The Acumence team can use WordPress to create, update, and publish blog content. Blue Iris utilized OnPage SEO to boost the main site’s ranking.

The Goal:

Phase 1
  • Build a modern new website
  • Effectively convey the technical product they develop and sell to manufacturing customers via visual and contextual elements
  • Generate more traffic
Phase 2
  • Create a private, secure client portal with technical documentation
  • Four membership tiers
  • Ability to have multiple knowledge bases per version release