Has Google Killed Off Local Search?

Landing page is here to stay!
Landing page is here to stay!
January 6, 2016
Are Google’s Latest Updates Killing Your Rankings
Are Google’s Latest Updates Killing Your Rankings?
January 15, 2016
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Has Google Killed Off Local Search

Google has transformed Google+… Again!

Only this time, it is more simple, streamlined and mobile-friendly.  According to Google, they are focusing on simplified navigation and improved search.

Getting Around Google+

There is a very small info icon in the lower right side of the banner image, to the left of “Following.”  Clicking it reveals a minimal amount of “About” information.  You can find people with similar interests and content within “Communities.”  Their “Collections” area is growing quickly and is focused on niche groups or interests.

What About Local Search?

Searchers receive most all of the information they need about a local business through their search results pages. Google has determined that very few visitors to your website come through Google+ Local pages.  Google+ Local pages are mainly used by business owners or their SEO team to manage their business information.  Nothing has changed in the way that Google delivers local business search and map results other than the fact that more local and map results are available than ever before.

In fact, you can see in our image above, that when you search PPGWebSolutions, the results include the Local Finder page (right) as well as many other results.  When we search for Web Design Indianapolis, the search returns the three pack on the left, including maps.

How Does it Impact My Local Business?

Google’s focus on local hasn’t diminished in any way.  In fact, everything they are doing is about improving local search for your local business. Local search optimization is as important as it ever has been.

Google My Business has not changed and you should continue using your dashboard to manage your business information. Google will continue to reveal the data within your dashboard in search results, therefore, you will want to be sure it remains current.

Are You Leveraging Local Optimization for Your Business?

These most recent statistics should help convince you to maximize your search engine optimization efforts, specifically Local Search:

Have questions or want to learn more about how you can increase traffic and convert new customers?

Give is a call or connect with us here.  It’s free and it could open the doors to monetizing your online efforts and achieving your online goals!

It’s free and it could open the doors to monetizing your online efforts and achieving your online goals!


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