How to Use Video to Market Your Products

SEO 2017: 4 Areas You Need To Focus On
SEO 2017: 4 Areas You Need To Focus On
September 15, 2017
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How to Use Video to Market Your Products

Sharing videos online has been available to us since the dawn of the internet and since Vimeo began in 2004, it’s only getting easier to share your content.

With 2020 predictions of mobile video traffic increasing by 75%, it’s easy to see where a business can attract an audience. But how can video marketing promote a product or service?

Company Case Study

Crazy Egg, a business based on client website improvement, increased conversion rate by 64% and revenues by 21K per month by simply posting an explainer video.

An explainer video is a marketing tool that is usually posted on a company’s landing page which informs the customer about the service or product the company can offer. It can be live action or animated and is 90 seconds or less in duration.

Writing For An Audience

When writing a script for your marketing video, it’s best to keep a few things in mind about the audience you are targeting.

For example, your message needs to be clear and engaging and grab your audience in 15 seconds or less, this is called the “sweet spot”. In ads with 54% ad recall, 42% are the messages provided during the sweet spot.

Personalised videos that appeal to a target audience can increase revenue. TriHonda’s father and daughter video marketing campaign appealed to the loving but stern father archetype. It adds “dad” humour to the story and suggests what the company’s top priorities are.

TriHonda increased their sales by 29% using video marketing as a tool to achieve this.

Where To Advertise

Video sharing platforms are great for getting your content out into the world. It’s available to everyone at any time. Sometimes with targeting, we can achieve a greater result and what better way to do that than to target our email newsletter signees.

After all, video usage in email marketing can encourage a 2-3 times CTR increase, as well as an increase in customer loyalty by 35%.

60% of marketers use video for email marketing and saw an increase in business. For instance, P&O Cruises increased their bookings by 950% by using video in their marketing emails.

Another place to display your wonderful, thought-provoking, and funny video is your company website. 14% of online sales are encouraged by a helpful video that explains and showcases the product.

Social Media & Video Marketing

When posting our video online we want to target our niche audience. With social media platforms such as Twitter or Facebook, we can do this with targeted ads.

Facebook has over a billion people who are signed up to use the service, Twitter has over 100 million daily users. With 59% of video shares on Facebook, we want to optimise this advertising opportunity which also happens to be cost-effective and cheaper than traditional TV advertising.

Check out the data sheet below for more facts and figures about video marketing.

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Jillian Vanarsdall
Jillian Vanarsdall
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