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February 9, 2017
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How to Get Clients to Find Your Website?

What do I have to do to get qualified leads to my website?

How will you go from having little to no traffic to increasing numbers of qualified leads that are ready to become customers? How do I get the kind of traffic and conversions my friends are bragging about?

Attracting a growing number of ready-to-purchase customers requires a customized strategy that is developed around the specific nuances of your industry, your brand and your buyer. Because you are competing locally and nationally for business, you must create a strategy that attracts your buyer to your website.

Buyers don’t respond to your “outbound” sales efforts the way they once did. Buyers want to find you via their search queries, referrals and recommendations. Your buyer searches fully formed questions and phrases to find their answers.

Your brand and solution needs to appear where your buyer is online. By understanding where your buyer shows up on the Internet, we can place relevant brand and solution information that attracts your buyer to click through to your website.

This is called Inbound Marketing.

Inbound marketing is the practice of using a strategic and comprehensive suite of online marketing strategies to drive your ideal buyers to you. No more competing for their attention. When you create the content that meets the needs of your buyer, right where they are, you will attract qualified buyers and keep them coming back again and again. You’ll create new leads, new customers, loyal fans and more referrals.

There are over 1 billion websites on the World Wide Web today. Your competition is growing savvier by the day. If you are going to capture the eyeballs and wallets of your prospect and buyer, you’ll have to have a few things in place.

Startup Stock PhotoWhat You’ll Learn in this Article

This article provides an overview of the tools and tactics used in inbound marketing. If you don’t already understand that content is the center of everything, you’ll understand it in a minute. Here’s what we cover in this article:

  • We review the types of content that help attract your buyers.
  • We discuss the hub of your inbound marketing campaign and the importance of a conversion-driven website.
  • We list and describe the specific tactics used to develop a successful, lead generating, customer-conversion inbound marketing campaign.
  • How to know if your inbound campaign investment will create a return on your investment.
  • How to get started with your inbound campaign.

An effective inbound strategy requires an effective content strategy. Your content strategy relies on multiple tactics.

There are different types of media to leverage for success – earned, owned, and paid. Knowing how to combine them effectively is critical to your lead generation success.

owned-earned-paid-assetsOwned, Earned and Paid Assets

Your owned assets are those properties your company has created. What you create, you own. Owned assets include content you create and your social channels, such as your Facebook page or Twitter feed.

Your owned assets can include:

  • Your website
  • Social media channels and profiles
  • Content – in all the various forms you develop it
  • Your company’s blog
  • Online brochures, white papers, eBooks, downloadable content
  • Email marketing

Earned assets are media written about your brand online. You can earn positive or negative media.

Your earned assets can include:

  • Online articles, posts, news, reports about your products, services or content
  • Reviews and ratings posted in online forums, websites, rating platforms such as Yelp, Google, Facebook, etc.
  • Social posts, including shareable content, comments or posts that refer to your company
  • Content (in any form) that you provide or post on other sites

Paid assets are the marketing tools or opportunities you pay for. You may pay for an ad or banner on your industry’s high-traffic certification site or a high-authority website. You may leverage pay per click (PPC) ads on social channel or search engine, like Google. Search engine ads allow you to appear at the top or very bottom of a search page.

Your paid assets can include:

  • Boosted social posts on various social channels
  • Content that has the appearance of an editorial or informational article, however you have paid for it
  • Pay-per-click
  • Banner or display ads

Your Conversion-focused Lead Generating Website

Your conversion-driven website is the first item you must focus on. Without a well-designed, mobile-first, responsive website – nothing else really matters.

Being in business today requires that we have a customer-centric, conversion-driven website that includes landing pages and content that speak to each buyer persona you intend to attract.

Yes, Virginia. This sounds expensive.

You will have to shift your thinking about your website. When your website is developed properly, it is an investment that generates profits. It should out-sell your best sales person – in multiples.

You may have never invested money in your online presence or online marketing. That’s about to change.

“I don’t think so,” you say? Well, if you want to attract qualified leads that will turn into customers, you are going to have invest in online marketing (aka inbound marketing).

Your competition has decided they will. Unfortunately, if you want to be a viable business in today’s market you have to step up your game.

Yes. It sorta stinks. If there is any consolation, we are all in the same boat. All of us.

The good news is, if you work with the right team, your website will not only pay for itself, over and over, it will consistently outperform your best sales person. I promise.

Marketing. Online. Digital. Inbound. Oh My.

Online Marketing, Digital Marketing and Inbound Marketing relatively have the same meaning.

Digital marketing is the umbrella for all online marketing efforts. Online or digital marketing are the cadre of tactics used to attract your ideal buyer to your website. Online marketing methods can include:

  • Conversion-focused websites
  • Content marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Google Adwords
  • Social boosting, Pay-Per-Click, and sponsored ads
  • Social media posting
  • Online advertising like banners, paid articles, mentions and promotions
  • eBooks, brochures, white papers, and more
  • Landing pages and Calls-to-Actions

All of these tactics and more are developed and leveraged strategically to attract and drive your prospect to your website or landing page.

Working with a company that has the skill set to quantify your opportunity, quantify the value of a customized, strategic solution applied in your unique organization and quantify the return on the investment is crucial to your company’s ability to:

  • Make the investment
  • Make a profit on the investment
  • Create sustainable online growth
  • Create competitive advantage
  • Achieve your new client acquisition goals
  • Monitor, Measure and make data driven changes to maximize profitability

Here’s how we help a company identify the most profitable online marketing strategy for their company.

Because the options and applications of online marketing are vast, your ultimate approach should be driven by strategy that has been developed using the proper data – from your website design to your marketing campaigns.

Don’t let this scare you.

There really are experts who can do this for you. We are certainly one of those experts.

And remember, data in – data out. Crap in – crap out.

The data you use to make decisions needs to be sound. That data will drive your results.

The “half-price-company” cannot provide the kind of ROI you are looking for. That’s the truth.

A qualified inbound agency that possesses the capacity to align your organization’s strategic goals to your marketing goals, budget and objectives will create exponential ROI.

You’ll want your website design, development and marketing team to be able to:

  1. Quantify the current absence of value
  2. Develop a solution that restores and expands value
  3. Quantify value impact,
  4. Quantify ROI
  5. Sustainably maximize returns for the long-term
  6. Track your entire marketing and sales funnel from first website visit to closed deal and beyond
  7. Consult with you to close the loop between marketing and sales

The web design company that will design and develop your website for

half the price will not create a website that will deliver measurable ROI.

Neither can they help you create sustainable new client growth.

lead-generation-inbound-marketingHow To Get the Most Out of Inbound Marketing?

  1. Hire a Professional – Unless you consider yourself a marketing expert, let the professionals run your online marketing campaigns. The best thing is to accept the fact you just don’t possess the skills and tools required to perform this task efficiently.

Think about it like this, when you partner with a solid, results-driven online marketing or inbound marketing agency, the money you spend will come back to you in multiples. When you do it yourself – assuming inbound marketing is not where your revenue generating skill-set is – you will lose the value of your time ($XXX what you are capable of generating when you are doing what your revenue generating skill set is) plus the value of the clients you would have gotten had you partnered with a qualified agency.

As simple as it may look, trust us – it isn’t. Performing open heart surgery may seem like a piece of cake when watching Grey’s Anatomy – but we all know that’s not the case. To be an expert you have to learn, train, try, fail, try again. Find your sweet spot and repeat it until you’ve mastered it. Inbound marketing is hugely time intensive.

Don’t waste your time. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to substantially increase your revenue and profits.

One more thought… When we suggest you “hire a professional,” we mean certified inbound marketing professionals. Your neighbor’s son who’s good at gaming isn’t one. Also, leave out those suspicious companies with unrealistically low prices promising you the No. 1 place on Google SERPs.

  1. Create Buyer Personas – This is the next number one tactic. A buyer persona is the starting point of your marketing campaigns. A well-created buyer persona will guide all of your content creation efforts. It provides specific information that will drive every marketing effort involved in your campaign. It is fundamental and will insure you maximize the return on your investment.

An incorrect or insufficiently developed buyer persona will take your content create and marketing down the wrong path. Your marketing efforts will be futile.

If you have an in-house marketing person (or you are going to try to get this going on your own), we’ve provided our professional Buyer Persona template and a workbook. Our tool will help you see exactly what you need to know about each buyer persona.

We’ve published more than a dozen step-by-step articles that address every single detail of the Buyer Persona. Go to our blog and in the search box in the right sidebar, type in “Buyer Persona” to see them all.

  1. Get a Perfect Conversion-driven Website Frontend and backend. As far as the technical aspect of your website goes, it must be mobile friendly, above everything else and it must be SEO friendly so that you can generate initial organic traffic.

While your goal is to generate more traffic and qualified leads, you also want to convert visitors to buyers. Your website must look and feel attractive. It has be intuitive to the user.

Not only is your website the first impression for most of your customers, peers, competition – everyone – it is the hub of all your marketing – online and traditional. Your website’s function is more complex than it ever has been. So, how do you know if you need a website? How do you make it pay for itself – over and over? We spell it out right here.

  1. Social Promotion – At this point, you should already have:
  • A team of professionals working on developing your Inbound Marketing Campaign.
  • A professional-level Buyer Persona for the campaign’s target buyer
  • A fully conversion-focused, mobile-friendly website ready to provide what your buyer is looking for at each phase of their buying journey
  • Free irresistible download offer, form and compelling CTA that captures your buyer’s information
  • A good CRM (HubSpot has a free one) that makes it easy to organize, track, nurture and grow your pipeline.
  • An automated email nurturing sequence to help nurture your buyer through the buyer’s journey so you can easily convert them to a customer

Now, let’s get your website some traffic.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, SnapChat… the number of social networks is huge. It is impossible – and not even appropriate – to run all these accounts.

It is important to define which social networks are most important in terms of relevant to your buyer persona.

For example, if you own a gallery, Instagram is certainly a better option for you than Twitter.

Once you’ve identified the best channels for your targeted persona, focus your efforts on those social networks.

  • Publish high-quality posts on a daily basis
  • Keep track of your competitors
  • Study how your buyer persona responds to certain types of posts
  • Identify the times of day when your posts are getting most engagement

Use social media to generate traffic to your site and also to communicate with potential client. Use it to build relationships with your followers. One of the biggest advantages of social media is the ability to receive feedback from (potential) buyers easily, quickly and cheaply. Too many entrepreneurs and small businesses tend are unaware of this opportunity.

  1. Paid Ads – If you are a new and relatively unknown business, you’ll want to invest in paid advertisement. Simply put, it is the quickest, and the most cost effective way for a large number of people from your defined target group to learn about your brand and your solution.

The number of platforms available for your ads is huge. An inbound marketing agency will help you choose the best option according to your buyer person.

Most people choose Google, Bing, Facebook, and Instagram ads since these are the platforms offering a large number of filters to narrow your ad for your target group. Remain open to some alternative methods of ad placement, especially if your company has more of a local clientele and you’re mostly interested in your local market.

  1. PR articles – Authentic PR articles, that is. Not articles that are written with intent to provide you with the backlink and the goal of strengthening your SEO campaign.

In this exact moment, there are millions of different companies, sellers, and entrepreneurs on the Internet who are making all sorts of promises in their ads; as a result, public trust is significantly diminished and we are becoming blind to these ads.

It doesn’t matter if you have a good-looking site, social media accounts or paid advertisements that attract people to your website, the most important thing is to be trustworthy. You must go the extra mile to build trust.

PR articles help build trust. When someone else writes about your brand in a positive way, trust is built. It is inherited from the third party who is reporting about or endorsing your brand.

On one hand, PR articles have promotional character; they can even generate some visits to your site, but even more importantly, they can help raise confidence in your brand and your solution.

Collaborate with well-known and trusted websites from your niche and in agreement with them (this may be free of charge or it could involve a financial compensation) publish an article about your company and solution on their website.

When a potential customer Googles your credibility, they will find those articles. The PR articles will inspire trust and it will influence their conversion from a visitor to lead to a customer.

  1. E-mail Marketing – You probably found this post via an email we sent to you. Email is a powerful and growing tool. It allows you to engage with your contacts and send them information that is relevant to them. Email is the most effective tool for nurturing your leads through their buyer’s journey.

Here are some email marketing tips that will improve your results:

  • Sending product updates, important buyer phase information and relevant information to lists who want to hear from you.
  • Be sure you have a goal in mind. If you don’t know what your goal is, you can be sure the recipients won’t find it valuable. Sending an email to simply send an email is harmful to your relationship. Put your feet in their shoes. Create email content you are confident they don’t want to miss.
  • Do not send an email without personalizing it. There are many email tools that allow you to personalize your message to the actual recipient. You can add their name to the subject line, the salutation and wherever it would be natural to insert it. If it feels like a shotgun, opportunistic, non-personal email, you can bet it will be deleted.
  • Do a little research and testing to be sure you are sending your emails at prime times. There are certain days of the week and certain times of day that your email will get the highest open and engagement rate. It can mean the difference in converting a new customer or missing them altogether because of bad timing.
  • Don’t buy email lists. Send emails only to contacts who have requested them (via your landing pages, forms, CTAs, etc.). Not only is it annoying to receive email from a solicitor who does not have permission to send to you, it is an “email faux pas, Jimmy.”
  1. jimmy-fallon-gif-3 Landing Page Offers – There are many ways to create irresistible content your visitors will want to download. This is the primary mechanism for converting a visitor to a lead. This process is also used to nurture the lead through the buying journey and to the bottom of the marketing funnel.

This is one of the most important cornerstones in inbound marketing. You can create new content so that you have highly-relevant, irresistible content for every phase of the journey and you can refresh and repurpose older content. Repurposed content can be published in many different formats and it is a quick way to get power-content published.

Be sure to provide high-quality content in exchange for the visitor’s name and email address. The less information you request, the higher your conversion rates will be. When the content is for leads that are in the middle or further down the funnel and the higher the impact value of the content, the more information you can request in exchange for the download.

Some of the most popular forms of content for downloads are:

  • White Papers
  • eBooks
  • Newsletters
  • Top XX Trends, Top XX You Need to Know in 2017
  • How-to Guides
  • Product Demo Videos
  • Product Tip Sheets, Product Guides
  • Common Questions
  • Checklists
  • Case Studies
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Information Kit Offer
  • Experts Reviews
  • Sales Team Materials
  • Web Service
  • Webinar

If you’re offering a web service or an app, offer them free trials. Create offers that offer low-barrier to entry so your prospect can experience your service, product or solution.

Offers have a strong psychological effect on your lead, especially when it comes to building a relationship between you and your potential customers.

These are the basic tools and tactics used to create high-impact, high-results lead generation campaigns.

Are you getting the highest value and highest volume of qualified visitors to your website?

Are your inbound campaigns converting the maximum number of new customers?

If not, perhaps it is time to re-evaluate and revamp your strategy.

Contact us. We’ll audit your online strategies, identify and quantify the value of any opportunities you aren’t leveraging.

It’s free. There is absolutely no obligation to buy.


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